Just looking for a end to my nightmare

It seems like my house nightmare just never will end. It began in March when my husband found the "ideal" house for us. We have been wanting to downsize since our youngest son left for college years ago and we tried to look for houses together but this just didn't work.  I would find something and hubby would find something wrong with it or vise versa so I just quit looking with him.  So in March, he surprised me by telling me he found the perfect house. He had looked at the house many times and was "hot" on it as he was afraid someone would snatch it from us. I looked at it one time and my first remark was that it was too small but he assured me that it would be fine and ....we put our house of 17 years on the market and entered hell.  The realtor put up a good front until we signed on the line with her and then it was all down hill. She did nothing and selling our house was painful to say the least.  The house we bought was so small that I had to put everything in totes as we had no room to put anything away. We jumped before thinking on this house, we realized.  The house was way too small, the interior was dark and shaded and it was too far from the city on a twisting road (bad in the winter) and our neighbor, well I call her Mrs. Kravitz.  The backyard was amazing though as we can walk to the river and its so quiet out there in the country but what were we thinking. Were we even thinking?? I cried for weeks while living out there.  In June, we moved again back to the city. We knew we made a huge mistake plus my mom had back surgery and I was taking care of her daily and we both hated the drive from work to home every day.  Trying to sell house #2 we get another realtor who is clueless ( we even interviewed her).  She told us all the different means she would use to sell our house but then over the summer, we had to ask her constantly what she was doing as she never did nothing unless we suggested it.  She told us that putting together the fliers and putting them out was a huge effort. She has now quit on us and we now have another realtor and the new wrinkle on house #2 is that.... there was a gas leak on this house for months.  I am beyond mad about this. Our current realtors went down the basement as they toured the house and said, "you have a gas leak." We told them that the basement has smelled since we bought it and I thought it was new house smell since the house has not been lived in much since the owners built it 6 years ago. The realtor that had quit on us told us it was sewer backup and we have been running water down the pipes each week to get rid of the smell.  Nope, we called the gas company and yes, it was a gas leak in the water heater. We bought the house with a gas leak, we lived in this house with a gas leak, we tried to sell a house with a gas leak, seriously??   My husband fixed it and the basement no longer smells (it is totally amazing) but I am so tired of realtors and the drama.  I just want to sell this house and put these experiences behind me.  I have lived and I have learned.....that is what is important.