Santa; - Nicola Mar

This was one of those books that I wished I could reach inside it and pull some of the characters out. The main character June, I wanted to grab her into my arms and comfort her while her tormentors; I can’t even print on this review what I wanted to do to them. It’s been days since I read this novel, yet the image of what occurred in these pages still sits on my mind as I know it occurs every day, somewhere and no one says anything. Not everyone reports this behavior, not everyone understands that this behavior is not acceptable and not everyone knows that they are not at fault when this behavior is directed at them and it’s our responsibility as a society to spread the world.

In Santa; June is the victim, playing the part well until she finds the ability to stand on her own two feet. Taking a stand is not easy either as June soon realizes, for the struggle still appear it’s that these battles just appear differently. Bullied for her body size for years, she accompanies her friend to a party. June is hesitant to go but Alice is persistent and the two girls attend where the alcohol is flowing freely. June finds herself drunk, and cannot find Alice. She locates a bathroom as she feels ill. What transpires next is a nightmare that time cannot erase. The images the author describes are cruel and they leave me wondering how people can be so heartless and senseless to others. Later, when June finds herself back at her house, she attempts to find herself under the shame and physical scars that are now are a part of her.   June feels lost. After thinking it over, June feels perhaps she is at fault for what transpired in the bathroom. Of course she does, it’s a way some victims rationalize the behavior when they feel all alone. Her conversation with Alice telling her about the night at the party left me speechless. I had mixed emotions about Alice. The whole novel had me wired. I liked the line the author included as June was talking about her bullying. June felt that she would rather be bullied about her weight than the night of the party. I understand her feelings but to like one type of bullying over the other, I thought it was sad. The story moved rapidly and things escalated rather quickly in the story towards the end, almost too quickly for me.  It was an emotional read for me, one that I will not forget. I received a copy of this novel from Nicola Mar, this review is my honest opinion. Thank you Nicola Mar for providing me a copy of this novel, I greatly appreciate it.