What We Saw

What We Saw - Aaron Hartzler

Once you visually see something, have you ever wished you could unsee it? Most people would say yes to this, for we as humans are curious people. We want to know, we need to know, for if we don’t know we feel that we are missing out on something in life and then later…… sometimes we wish we could turn back time and just say no and not look.   In this novel, Kate battles with this dilemma for she wants to watch a video that has been posted yet in doing so, it will unleash a host of emotions for Kate and it will pull her into a legal situation that Kate is not sure she is ready for.   The topic is rape, the subjects are high school students and the allegations are whether is really occurred. The author brings various issues influencing teens into the novel which play an important role on the assault. Provocative dress, alcohol, cell phones and sport scholarships influence the characters and their views in this novel. The author’s use of the video as a controlling factor was an excellent feature of this novel as there is quite a bit of confusion and emotions that this piece of media creates. The main character, Kate, her emotions get the best of her sometimes and with this topic, that is typical as this makes her real. There is nothing fluffy in this novel, the characters each have their view of what transpired and the novel quickly tells it like it is, so what really happened?