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Believarexic - J.J.  Johnson

She tried to release him but his hold on her was too tight. The monster has taken over Jennifer life, the pain and fight has consumed her and the only way out Jennifer believed, was in the advertisement that she saw on television.  She has tried others ways to release him but the monster has always prevailed and now this might be the only way to kill him.  It was the commercial on television that gave her hope for her friends had given up on her and her parents; they never say the signs for she was the perfect child. Jennifer was relieved that she made it to the center for she was finally going to get the help she needed and kill the monster. With her mother present, Jennifer answered the questions honestly as the doctor drilled her; she knew the truth was more than her mother could take.   The truth had now been spoken and there is no turning back, welcome to Samuel Tuke Center EDU (Eating Disorder Unit) where Jennifer’s life has just become an open book.   There are many layers to an eating disorder and this novel focuses on many of them. The emotional, the physical and the psychological aspects are addressed with many of the characters in this novel including Jennifer. I was surprised that more anger did not pour out of the pages, as these individuals confronted their eating disorder. For these characters lives were being drastically changed and they were being told what to do by individuals in a hospital setting away from their loved ones. Some of them were forced into the program and this had to cause some hard feelings. Eating disorders are an illness that is not immediately treated and cured; this disease is a lifetime issue that affects many facets of individual’s lives and the author did an excellent job handling this. Now that Jennifer is inside these walls, things look different. Jennifer cannot hide, she is held accountable and she has to take responsibility for herself and her life.   You can either cheat the program or change your life, and the individuals in the program have to make that choice. Jennifer knows about lying but she chose to be there, her emotions are high as she realizes she is alone and needs to make some of her own decisions. The relationships in this unit are not all supportive of each other and the individuals who are in control of the patients create an interesting mix and it makes this novel one that I could not put down. 4.5 stars

I received this novel from NetGalley and Peachtree Publishers in exchange for an honest review.