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Nerdy Bird

Nerdy Birdy - Aaron Reynolds, Matt Davies

There are two kinds of birds: nerdy birds and cool birds. Eagles, cardinals and robins are cool birds as they have superior characteristics and nerdy birds, well they don’t. In this book, Nerdy Bird likes to play video games, read and read about video games. He tries to be friends with the cool birds but they’re mean to him and he’s left all alone. He then realizes how lonely he is. Suddenly he hears a voice and finds a group of other nerdy birds who invite him to join them. He now has more friends than the cool birds and when another new bird moved into the area, Nerdy Bird was there to welcome it to the neighborhood.
This book has so much potential for discussion. The difference between what is cool and what is nerdy is reflected in both the writing and the illustrations. In the illustrations, the cool birds are viewed as power figures with their chests are puffed out, their bodies are extensive and their beaks pointed sharply out while the nerdy birds were short, stocky and all of them are wearing eyeglasses. In the writing, the nerdy birds use everyday language while the cool birds speak in short sentences and use offensive tones. I also questioned the concept of what one person believed was superior is not always superior to everyone as a whole. Cardinal was good as posing, to me that seemed self-centered but to others that characteristic might mean that they liked to perform. Robin liked to insult worms and then eat them. What kind of character does that make Robin bird? What about the nerdy birds? Could they be cool and nerdy at the same time? I really enjoyed this story and the possibilities that are within it.