Wishing For You

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Wishing for You (I Wish Book 2) - Elizabeth Langston

I really am enjoying this series as each novel is unique in its own way. I thought that the first novel in this series was more emotional and more romantically involved and this second novel focuses more on self-reliance. This second novel does carry some of the drama and storyline from the first novel along with it so I would suggest you read the first novel before reading this second one as I feel it would help with the stories flow.   I didn’t feel as energized or emotionally charged as I did with the first novel but it was the characters that set this mood for me. Kimberley was the main character and she was used to having individuals control her life. I believe she used her disability as a handicap as she allowed others to do jobs that she could possibly attempt and succeed at and she didn’t state her opinions or make comments when she should have. It wasn’t until Grant showed up that she realized that she could take control of some aspects of her life. For 30 days, she had the privilege of having Grant, a genie, who she hoped could teach her how to be normal and I hoped she would finally find her voice in her life. There is confrontation as Kimberley tries to become independent and there are times where she is reluctant to embrace the freedom that is within her grasp. Her relationship with Sean was beyond words; his secret is safe with Kimberley as his confidential information is something she cannot forget. The relationship with Grant and Lacey is back and although they cross-paths, their past is not behind them. I liked the new twists with the beings and with Carmen on the scene she adds mystery and then other emotions as I started to understand her presence. I can’t wait to see what book #3 has to offer.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.