Book-O-Hats: A Wearable Book (Wearable Books) - Donald Lemke, Bob Lentz


A wearable book? Are we sure these are children’s books as I took them to a 6th grade class and they loved them too. A fellow blogger had one of these titles on her blog and when I researched it, I found that my library had 2 other titles that followed the same theme so I grabbed them all. All of these books are board books so they heavy and thick and contain around 6 pages, not many pages but they are definitely something to check out. My granddaughter who is almost three likes the Book-O-Beards and the Book-O-Hats. The other book, I believe is a bit too old for her, as it has a zombie, a skeleton, and a werewolf just to name a few of the characters that are inside and right now she’s not really into them yet. Each rhyming page has 4 lines of fun text to read, corresponding to the character displayed on the page. The name of the character is also displayed. There is an indention on each book for the reader to place the book either under their nose (for the Book-O-Teeth and the Book-O-Beards) or on top of their heads for the Book-O-Hats. The illustrations are bright and colorful and children will love being a pirate, a cowboy, Santa Claus, a vampire, etc. for just a few minutes as they wear the book. I love this idea and I only wish there were more.