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I Wish

I Wish - Elizabeth Langston

I’ve always wanted a genie. Since watching I Dream of Jeannie as a child, I wanted my own genie. I remember making up a list of things I would want from my genie so when I saw this novel on NetGalley I had to read it, I had to just see how Lacey handles her month of “humanly possible” wishes. Humanly possible wishes are wishes that don’t require magic of any type, so she can’t wish for bags of money, a cure for an illness or a new car. Her wishes have to humanly done or conceived. Her genie Grant is gorgeous and this becomes an issue later, as the bigger issues in her life become smaller. Her major issue now is money or lack of money. Her stepfather death and now her mother’s depression has caused financial problems for the family and the financial situation lies on Lacey’s lap. Granting one wish per day, she uses Grant’s ability to help her family. Grant on the other hand, is confused with his placement; his daily reports transmitted to his boss reflect his thoughts and concerns about his assignment and what his future holds. Lacey wants to be 17 but this responsibility can’t let her be the teen she wants to be. Grant is trying to hold on to his position as her genie but he sees what is going on within the family and he’s struggling to be her servant.

There were many individuals who cared about Lacey and she kept them all within arm’s reach. She never had them close but yet they stayed there reaching out to her as she pulled herself back, if they got too close. There was something about her, they all knew it. They cared enough to question Grants character, to question the man who worked for nothing. Many great friendships flowed between the pages in this novel.   It was a fun entertaining read. 4 stars

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Spencer Hill Press in exchange for an honest review.