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Brother - Ania Ahlborn

Thank you Ania Ahlborn for providing me with a novel that has haunted me for days. How you arrived at such an outlandish story is beyond me but I was in for the duration and what a fantastic time it was. I wanted to share this remarkable story to everyone as its merits were definitely worth shouting about but on the other hand, I was worried about the looks individuals might give me, for how can someone be so thrilled at the destruction, the terror and the pain that filled the pages inside this novel?   The story, its layers and the complexity of it all was marvelous and it deserves high praises. My emotions played a huge role as I read, for they moved from character to character as the story revealed the many layers that comprised the story.   I wanted to finish the novel yet I hung on and slowly read the ending as I didn’t want to let go of the characters, just waiting for something else to evolve.

Michael’s family lived out in the sticks, an ideal situation for the family as no one can hear them or the sounds that emit from their house any time of the day. Physical violence plays a major role and it’s all just a part of life for this family. The cruelty is relentless and I find myself just waiting for them to find their next victim. This is Michael’s life with his new family and there’s a lot going on.   He has a lot to think about and he thinks about his future. He knows no other life but he does know that his family life is not something you talk about with individuals outside the family. As I read, I could hear the footsteps and feel the oppression in the air, the air nothing has changed. thicken as the confrontations were about to begin. My face begins to contort and I know it’s not going to be good, it hasn’t been good previously.


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Gallery, Threshold Pocket Books in exchange for an honest opinion.