Leo a Ghost Story

— feeling ghost
Leo: A Ghost Story - Mac Barnett, Christian Robinson

The illustrations in this children’s book help support the fantastic story that flows throughout its pages about a ghost named Leo. Leo has always lived alone but when a family moves into his house, Leo decides he must move out and he finds himself alone in the city. Not everyone can see Leo, as ghosts can only be seen by few individuals and the city becomes overwhelming for such a small ghost. Leo happens upon Jane playing on the sidewalk and she immediately strikes up a conversation. She is quite the girl with her wit and charm. Leo seems lost for words because Jane has so many but there is something happening between the two of them almost immediately. As I finish out the book, I am laughing and smiling at the duo as they seem to be made for each other. I really enjoyed the illustrations in this novel. The white, black and different hues of blue played well together. It cast a subtle yet unique presence on the pages as the use of their tints brought distinct characteristics to each page and the characters throughout the story.