The Cowboy

The Cowboy (I Like to Read) (I Like to Read Books) - Hildegard Müller, Hildegard Mller

Meet Anna and her dog Toto. She is going to take him out to the beach to teach him how to swim, of course on the dog’s skateboard. With black bold print and bright colorful pictures we follow Anna and Toto as they leave the house and travel to the beach. They pass a young cowboy in a lawn chair with his “very silly cowboy hat” and lasso as they make their way to the water. Toto being a smart dog learns quickly but a huge wave takes Toto out to sea and soon Anna is crying. Others come running to help, there is only one person on the beach who is able to bring the dog to safety.   It’s a sweet book and I think there are a few great messages in the book. Definitely a keeper.