If I Lie

If I Lie - Corrine Jackson

This book tore me in two. Where does someone draw the line between self-perseverance and morals when their life is shattering? I could relate to Quinn’s desire to hold onto their secret in the beginning of the novel but as her life began to take a downward spiral, I began to get frustrated as to why she would hold onto this confidential information any longer. She was almost too good to be true, her qualities were more than I expected and for what? This novel exceeded more than I anticipated with all the drama, the relationships and my own reflections as it had me thinking of my own values and morals and I wondered if I could be like Quinn. Could I be called the town slut and still carry my head high? Could I handle having my mother leave me at my grandmothers as she walked away leaving all our plans and dreams cast away like nothing? How could I handle living with a father who treated me like one of his soldiers, lack of love but plenty of expectations and obedience filling our household? Oh, there is romance but it’s complicated. Quinn is ready for romance but there is too many things blocking her path to consider romance. Her relationship with George, how I loved her visits with this veteran. Photography brought them together and as I cried and laughed at the moments that they spent together, it was truly a unique and wonderful relationship. I can’t say enough about this pair.   So did Quinn do the right thing? Everyone will have their own opinion, I sure was on my own rollercoaster with this one but in the end, I felt she did right. She succeeded in what made Quinn, Quinn.