Tell The Story To It's End

Tell the Story to Its End - Simon P. Clark

This was an interesting novel and I found that I enjoyed it more when I sat back and read it instead of trying to scrutinize the details within the story.   I find sometimes that spending too much time examining the particulars of a story takes away from a good read and this novel is one that falls into that category.   The story opens up with Oli and his mother returning to his mother’s childhood home which his uncle and aunt now reside in. The plan is for his father to join them but there are countless delays centering on his career which later amount to bigger issues. This three-story house has ample amount of room for the three of them but Oli soon discovers there is someone else living in the attic. Oli’s summer vacation just got interesting. Oli cannot believe his discovery and like Oli, I also begin to wonder if this being is real or is a part of his imagination. Eren is massive with sharp claws and velvet-like wings. The author gives him creative abilities and his speech leaves Oli frustrated as nothing comes out plain and simple. Oli screams at Eren to tell him what he wants to know but Eren has his own of doing things and he will change for Oli. Eren needs Oli to survive, but there is only so much Oli can give to him. It was an entertaining read and I enjoyed reading Oli’s thoughts.

I received a copy from NetGalley and St. Martin Griffin in exchange for an honest review.