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Alive - Scott Sigler

Layer upon layer of mystery surrounded me as I read deeper into this novel. Em, finds herself buried in a coffin or so she thinks. Finally able to free herself, she finds that she is not alone. Twelve caskets line her room. Cracking them open, six hold live bodies which finally awake and strangely enough everyone is wearing the same uniform and some insignia on their forehead. Three boys and three girls, and today marks a special day for all of them. There are confrontations from the beginning as the teens decide how to proceed. There was no one to verbally answer the questions the teens have as they make their way in their new surroundings. Using the author’s descriptions, I tried to imagine exactly what was transpiring for these teens as they had been laid to rest for years and now they were walking in unfamiliar territory. The teens realize they are not alone but who are these other individuals and where exactly are they? The author’s description of the bodies and the parts of the bodies was one of my favorites. The dust and powder, what an image, this stayed with me as I read the entire novel and the characters had to tolerate it every step of the way. The bodies: they are surrounded by bodies, bodies positioned in poses, bodies suspended and bodies divided. Parts of the novel reminded me of The Lord of the Flies, one of my favorites, as the characters interact with each other and discovered their surroundings. I wished that more would have transpired in this book, more answers would have given to the teens questions, but I guess this set the stage for what is in store for the next novel. There is plenty of mystery, action, and struggles for the teens as they embark on what is to become their new way of life. This is the first of this series and I will probably continue the series as I am curious to see what the future holds for these teens.