A Work of Art

A Work of Art - Melody Maysonet

I was all over this one; I bought into it hook, line and sinker. My emotions were high, I was getting angrier by the second, the anticipation couldn’t be much higher and then awe and the story began to mellow itself out for awhile so I could calm myself down. This novel traveled distances, covered miles, spoke truths and uncovered individuals before the book finally came to a close.   The novel was definitely A Work Of Art.

Tera is an artist, following in her father’s footsteps, since the age of 9.  With eight years experience behind her, she is a talented sketch artist who has made plans to study art in Paris after graduation. Her art teacher wants to showcase some of their father-daughter exhibits for an article but that is suddenly suspended when police arrest her father. Her mother is behind the accusation. Her mother has never liked the relationship that Tera has had with her father: the two of them bonding over their love of art while she suffers from depression and anxiety. The police confiscate his computer and pieces of his art but Tera believes that it’s all a big mistake. Tera needs to get him released as living with her mother is more than Tera can handle.   His charge: child pornography, a damaging charge yet Tera has been drawing nude portraits all her life. Was this art or something else, Tera needs to get to the bottom of it?   The book is deeper than just this one issue as Tera has other maturity issues she is dealing with as she finds a job to help her father and then gets the attention of the boy she believes is hot. Tera’s world is spinning, spinning without any control until she finds it.