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I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

Umbrella Summer

Umbrella Summer - Lisa Graff

I think a little bit of Annie lives in all of us. Her character had me laughing initially but the more I read, the more I realized, hey…..that’s me and I started to think perhaps I should listen to what really is happening inside this novel. Annie gets focused on one thing and she forgets to look at the big picture, this failure to encompass the whole picture has her missing out on life. I think we all do this from time to time in our own lives, we all get so wrapped up in the little things in life that we forget the whole journey that we’re on.

Self-perseverance is Annie’s main concern. She is overly cautious, afraid of anything that might cause harm to her. I felt at times while reading that Annie should be placed in a plastic bubble but I scratched that idea as I thought she’d somehow find a hazard inside that protective shield. She prefers to spend her money on band-aids which coat her body like another layer of skin. Reading The Every Day Guide to Preventing Illnesses, Annie begins to realize that there are hundreds of ailments that she has yet to discover. It’s becomes almost an obsession to Annie, this recent desire to protect herself. Rebecca, her best friend believes the house across the street is haunted and the two girls take it upon themselves to discover if the new owners will share the house with someone from beyond. It’s a relaxing story, a story that was fun to read with characters that weren’t too over the top.