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The Family Book

The Family Book - Todd Parr

All families are unique and that is what makes your family special. That is the message this book is trying to explain to children with its big bold colors and large easy text. With contrasting ideas on opposing pages the book is easy to read and it gets its message out loud and clear. Children with be able to recite the pages within a few readings and will enjoy the illustrations. With breaks throughout the text the author throws in messages about what all families have in common, ideas such as “all families like to celebrate special days together” and they all are sad when they lose a loved one. I enjoyed the message that all families “can help each other be strong.” Todd addresses a wide variety of issues within this book, issues some individuals in our society are still getting a handle on. It’s not a perfect book but it’s a book for the younger child to feel a connection to, to feel that they have a place in society and that they belong. So whether your family is a different color, they look like a pet that you own, they consist of only one parent or they eat the same things, your family is special and you are too.