Playing With Fire

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Playing with Fire: A Novel - Tess Gerritsen

Music, it provokes something inside you when you hear it. Perhaps it’s a memory or an urge for you to create or sometimes, you might even have the impulse to dance, nevertheless music does something to you. In Tess Gerritsen’s newest novel, their music is a complex arrangement that has many pieces, rich in history and reaching into the present day, their music has an everlasting effect. Julia discovers a waltz, this handwritten manuscript was her souvenir from Rome and it becomes the centerpiece of this novel.   Even for her, a professional musician, this piece was difficult to play on her violin but with perseverance she completes the waltz and is transfixed at what has occurred each time she plays, while her mind was lost in her music. For as she recovers from this difficult piece, her world has been changed. There is blood, but how did it this transpire and why did her 3-year old daughter do this? The novel begins to flashback and we learn how the manuscript emerged. I’m not sure which story I enjoyed the most as I was absorbed into both of them. The richness of the tales, the characters emotions and their travels reached farther than I had anticipated. I kept telling myself, “This will be good! Bring it on!” as the story got more complex. It was a multi-layered novel, revealing itself to you slowly bit-by-bit and when the stories started to intertwined, it was fantastic! This was an extraordinary story, one that I will be definitely sharing. This is one novel you should be reading also.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Random House Ballantine Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for this novel.