The Middle of Somewhere

The Middle of Somewhere - Sonja Yoerg

Liz just wanted some time alone to think. Things seemed to moving a bit too fast lately in her life and she thought that by being alone in the serenity of nature she could find herself again. Depending solely upon herself for three weeks, she believed she would find her way back to the person she once was. She had every detail planned out, her journey covering 220 miles, and then suddenly her live-in boyfriend Dante informed her that he would be joining her. So much for her serenity. As they trekked over the trail, I learned about the characters and their relationship. She’s hiding a secret that she needs to reveal but the more time they spend together; the harder it is for her to release it. Liz is an emotional person; she has a wonderful heart if she will let you in. Looking back, it was amazing how much time they spent together, chatting or working amongst themselves. She wanted to do this journey alone yet being alone she would have never had the conversations and the one-on-one time with Dante that occurred. Conversing about family and friends, I saw how much these individuals influenced their lives. Their journey opens up new discussions for the couple, new issues they haven’t discussed before. As they journey towards the summit, they meet fellow climbers and they start to make friendships as they all head towards the summit. The issue that’s swimming in the back of my mind is: when is she going to spill her secret? Strange things begin to occur on the trail, it all begins with simple items but as their journey continues the threats become more dangerous. There is talk about aborting the expedition multiple times as the couple analyzes the situation. They are so close to reaching their destination, I hate for them to retreat yet something just does not feel right. As Dante and Liz quicken their stride, the pace of the book intensifies and there is no turning back now. Liz may not have wanted Dante to join her on her journey but it definitely was a journey they both had not planned for.


I watched Wild a couple days ago and I was disappointed as I thought there would be some thought provoking inspiration inside the movie for me. In Wild, I thought she spent a lot of time meeting people, seeing people on her journey and not a lot of time inside herself or dealing with what I thought would be internal issues. I believe the book is always better than the movie so I perhaps I need to read Wild but the movie was a disappointment. In The Middle of Somewhere, Liz went on this journey for herself, to heal herself. Sure, she met some people but not many and she dealt with the issues going on inside her. There were some extra activities going on besides this self-exploration but nevertheless, she finished the journey with some inner peace.

Thank you NetGalley and New American Library for an advanced copy of this book. This is an honest opinion of this advanced copy that I received.