The Well's End

The Well's End - Seth Fishman

I really wanted to like this book, so much in fact, that I checked out the next book in the sequel as I really didn’t want to wait in line at the library in case someone had it in their possession.   Unfortunately, I will be returning the second book to the library unread as I just can’t bring myself to read it. It’s not that this book is terrible; it’s just that there were some items inside that I found too far unbelievable and I just can’t continue. There were parts that were suspenseful and I couldn’t wait to find out what the next pages held for me and I enjoyed the author’s writing as there was just enough detail to give you a painted picture.

It’s an elite boarding school, top notch students with top notched professors. Mia, a.k.a Baby Mia, the child who fell down the well and survived attends the private school and is being interviewed by Blake Sutton when her father walks in the door. There is instant tension when the two men meet, for they are previous acquaintances. Blake’s real reason for the interview was to question Mia’s father about his place of employment, Fenton Electronics. Blake has been longing to investigate this business, which is located inside a mountain a.k.a The Cave for years, and this time he has consequences if he is not successful. Mia believes her father works on classified computer code but why would Blake be so adamant about this line of work? Blake is told to leave the premises and Mia watches him from a distance as he walks away just as her father leaves to go back to work. Alarms sounds and students are told to go to the auditorium, there is something happening at the school. Mia calls her dad, what is going on? Her father informs her to leave immediately and head to The Cave. Oh, this set me up for a good afternoon read but as I continued, I thought their adventure took forever and parts were just not convincing to me. I will read more from this author as I liked the way he writes.