Lost in the Sun

Lost in the Sun - Lisa Graff

With some people you only have one chance, you mess up and you’re done. With other individuals, you get to start over again and again, for they know that people make mistakes and they’re willing to accept your apology and move on. This made me think whether I accept people the first time or if I am an individual who is willing to just go with the flow? If I am one to go with the flow, just how long do I flow along before it gets to be too much? So much to think about if you put your mind to it.

Fallon’s scar swept across her face, you’d know her anywhere. If you wanted to know where it all began, just ask her, she’d tell you, but each time the story would be different. No one knew the truth behind her scar, she didn’t want to reveal the truth, the stories she created were original and fun but they also pushed her peers away. She ignores the comments from her peers and she has learned to live alone. Trent carries a load of guilt around; he can’t seem to unload it no matter what anyone says. He killed another boy on the hockey field, one small puck to the chest and Trent’s life was changed instantly. It was an accident, everyone else says. Trent carries around his Book of Thoughts, drawing whatever comes across his mind; it’s his thoughts that get the best of him, losing him from reality. A unique friendship transpires between Trent and Fallon as Trent discovers her and inquires about her scar. She is a strong female character whereas Trent tries to take on the male macho role and these two clash. I saw two sides of Trent, the strong male side and a young child as he deals with issues at home. He uses Fallon, without her knowledge, to avoid these issues at home. There is this power struggle over the dominance of appropriateness, eFallon and Trent each feeling their own method of dealing with conflict is correct. Will they ever agree and do they need to? As the book evolves, I found myself more attached to the characters and the story becomes richer.