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Naked by Stacey Trombley

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Naked - Stacey Trombley

Just how long do you think you can hide from your past? Lies are easier to tell and silence says nothing. Aren’t people supposed to accept you the way you are, with no strings attached? In a perfect, that would see logical but we don’t live in a perfect world and gossip travels fast and people love gossip. People want to know everything! I enjoyed Naked; it was the emotions, the suspense and the candid account of the characters that pulled me through the pages.

Exquisite was older than her sixteen years. Having spent three years in New York with Luis, her boyfriend or pimp, however you want to look at it; Exquisite was convinced he had saved her. Now at the police station, things didn’t look as bright as yesterday. With her parents taking her home, Exquisite, the hooker, was vanishing. Her parents want her to now have a normal life but with her past, can normal occur? Her father is a physical, authoritative figure while her mother has always followed along. This combination sets the book up for some intense situations. Anna (Exquisite) is trying but the emotions and the tempers in the house heat up rather quickly, there are too many opinions and not enough patience in this household. Normalcy encompasses school for Anna according to her parents and what occurs there, Anna does not share outside the school walls. The abuse and cruelty is relentless as her past has reached the inside of this building and the individuals know just where to aim to cause the most damage. Jackson becomes her savior, a friend at first, but she cannot show him who she really is. Wearing her constant disguise, she hides herself, trying the best she can as the situation escalates. The first note appears, the taunts that she has brushed off now become reality as someone knows Exquisite, who is this person and what do they want?

It was a rough road, a journey where you never knew what path might crop up next as you read along. Anna was trying yet there were times when it became very difficult and the temptation to go back to New York was there. When she thinking about her relationship with Luis, it had me thinking about what she was really searching for and what she really found along her journey. Her relationship with Jackson, I enjoyed this struggle. Overall, a very good read!