Devoted - Jennifer Mathieu

I was memorized by this book yet I am not sure how much I liked it. I had to think about it. I was drawn in by the premise of how someone can be enticed to some religious sector and not see the big picture. We live close to an Amish community and they see the big picture. They choose to abide by most of the Amish traditions but yet, once in a while you see some of the modern conveniences of life in their community. They accept it. Then you see the TV shows about individuals leaving their religious community and then I wonder how much of that is actually true.

In Devoted, Rachel just doesn’t feel as devoted to her faith as others do and she is begins to wonder why. With daily Bible studies at home, weekly church services and daily prayers, faith is an important part of her family. Scripture recitation becomes automatic and repetitive as they go about their day. James, a member of the congregation, gives a speech in church about his time in the Journey of Faith; his recent fall from grace landed him in this camp. Still an outcast, his dark face and his body language shows exactly what this camp did to him. Then there’s Lauren, a fallen teen member of their church who has recently returned to town. There is talk of Lauren’s previous life but what exactly did transpired? Rachel is curious about Lauren’s new world. The book, the book was the icing on my cake. Rachel obtained the book from her mother; the same mother she knew who would not protect her if asked how she acquired the book. For the book contains sorcery, magic and time travel and her father inquire as to how can she inherit the Kingdom of God when she is involved with these items. Firing back that the author was a Christian, is not what a child of God would do and this answer angers her father. Rachel thinks of all the good contained in the book but knows that she is to honor her parents and the book must be destroyed. I am destroyed for no one is really listening, their ears and minds are closed and they have made up their mind before the conversation even started. The pages are ripped, tossed away; A Wrinkle in Time is no more. Curiosity gets the best of Rachel and she pushes it, a single lie become many and then the lies become easier.   She is in a world by herself, a world with questions and she wants answers now. Rachel was pure, the world outside was waiting but can the two of them exist together?