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Wilder Boys

Wilder Boys - Brandon Wallace

It was quite an adventure for such young children to be taking and I was glad that they had their father’s journal with them or I don’t know if they would have survived. The brother’s story was heartbreaking and Bull, I was ready to reach inside the book and break him apart myself as this guy needed someone to set him straight. Their mother was a helpless victim and I hope to God there is a sequel to this book as I want to know what happened to this family. What surprised me most about this novel was that it was geared towards middle school children. The violence that occurred inside the pages was something I thought should be more YA but the journey that the children took was geared more towards middle school so I would be hesitant about who reads this novel. Perhaps less detail in the violence would make it more middle school, but this is my own opinion.

The mom has a boyfriend who abuses her and he eventually hits one of the boys. With their mom recovering in the hospital, the boys feel that this is the only chance they have to find their father. Using information obtained just recently from their mother, the boys set out on an adventure to locate their father who is supposedly out West in Wyoming. Packing their bags like Boy Scouts, grabbing the loot they discovered of Bull’s, they head out. They know that Bull will be hot on their trail, along with the authorities as soon as they are discovered missing, so they need to stay hidden. Their journey is quite adventurous, with plenty of great details as they try to survive alone. Their determination to find their father, their strategy to stay hidden from authorities and their love for each other, keep the pace of the story moving. I think this would make a good read aloud (if you could muffle over the violent section for younger children). I really enjoyed their journey, it showed a fabulous bond between the two brothers and it showed great survival skills. Things just fell into place for the brothers but it made for a great story that children will enjoy.