Yeti and the Bird

— feeling smile
Yeti and the Bird - Nadia Shireen

Yes, I believe in the Yeti. For some of you, that means I believe in Big Foot. You can laugh and say what you want but I also believe in the Loch Ness Monster. When I saw this book at the library, I just had to grab it. For Yeti is the “biggest, hairiest, scariest beast anyone has ever seen” yet he was lonely. Plopping out of the sky, little red bird lands beside Yeti. Lost with his suitcase and map in tow, Yeti tries to scare him away but the bird doesn’t buy it. Yeti ends up taking the bird home and they become friends. The animals of the forest watch from a distance as the two of them play and sing. The illustrations are lovely and bright and the Yeti, all white and immense, seems to be having a wonderful time with his new friend. Unfortunately, the bird must leave as the weather is turning cold. Yeti consults the birds map and helps him get ready for his new journey. It’s sad as the bird leaves, the illustrations showing the heartache that Yeti is feeling. Yeti is even lonelier than before.   There is a surprise at the end as the Yeti finds joy in the forest, a perfect ending. What a terrific book. I loved the illustrations as they followed the story, contrasting with the story and the Yeti was wonderfully drawn. The text was large enough to read as a read-aloud but did not disturb the illustrations. It was a wonderful book that I will be buying.