Paperweight - Meg Haston

This book had many great messages to its readers. Stevie had many concerns that she was trying to juggle at one time. As an adult, I don’t if I could have handled it very well yet here she was a teen trying to keep it all together. Her eating disorder, somewhere she feels she has control in her life, has landed her in rehab just when the anniversary of her brother’s death is approaching. She had big plans for this first anniversary and now her father pulled this on her. Determined not to ruin her plans, she plays along with the rules of the camp but they’re not as stupid as she thinks they are. She’s persistent and she knows she only has a set number of days at the treatment center yet the staff sees the person hidden under her clothes, who will win this battle? I truly enjoyed the conversation that Stevie has with Shrink; I feel this message spoke volumes. Shrink tells Stevie that she needs to quit wearing labels, and that she is not responsible for everything that occurs in her life and that she needs to quit beating herself up and move forward in her life. Shrink speaks from the heart; she lets herself go and tells Stevie the things she needs to hear. The truth is finally spilled out for her. Shrink is there, she never gives up on her even when Stevie is at her worse. Stevie is a locked box, so closed up, her walls so tall that someone needs to break them down to find the person that needs someone badly. Stevie does find joy, it’s those moments in the novel where she is actually having a good time, I’m smiling and I realize there is hope.