Damage Done

Damage Done - Amanda Panitch

Incredible! I was hoping that this book would perform to my expectations and it far exceeded anything I imagined. As the book progressed, I became wrapped up inside the story and couldn’t believe how remarkable and astonishing the story became, I loved it!  I am so happy that I won this book from The Reading Date because now I can reread it later as this novel is definitely a keeper. The cover itself is worth a thousand words, the facial image poking itself out of the script lettering but what you find inside, yes….a keeper, my folks. I will not spoil this novel for you as you definitely need to experience it for yourself. Her twin brother changed all their lives in just 22 minutes in the band room and now, Julia has become Lucy. There are flashbacks to when her brother Ryan was seeing a therapist before their lives changed. I loved how the flashbacks just appear, at the appropriate place in the novel; you see how things transpire. Julia (Lucy) and Ryan, they were so much alike yet so different. The lies that Lucy (Julia) tells to keep her front going, you know that eventually things will catch up with her. I was waiting for the ball to drop and yet, I wondered what would happen in the story when they did. In their mother’s world, what happened is behind them and no longer applies but Lucy (Julia) thinks differently. Something is not right but what can Lucy (Julia) do and who can help her? The mystery and suspense is terrific in this novel, building and building, the writing drawing you in until your world no longer exists.   This has become one of my favorite novels that I have read this year.

Thank you The Reading Date for the contest, I love the book!