Finding Audrey

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Finding Audrey - Sophie Kinsella

My first Sophie Kinsella novel and it was such a treasure. I think what I enjoyed most was the characters; no, I think it was the writing. Let me elaborate on each of these and see if I can decide.

The characters were actually people, people that could be my neighbors or heck; they could be part of my own extended family if I pulled up the shades and looked closely at their lives. Mom’s obsession with the Daily Mail caused her to be obsessed with computers and their usage in the household.   Fearing for her children’s safety, she begins harping on her son Frank and his time spent on his computer. She was relentless on this issue and very extreme on her tactics! Like mother like son, Frank has some of his mother’s traits and this is a battle you never know the outcome until the final pages are turned.   Audrey is a fourteen-year old teen with some social disorders she’s trying to manage.   I found her fascinating as she’s motivated but her disorders has her closed off to the rest of the world. There is romance inside this hectic family, a family that you begin to feel a part of. The writing: Sophie’s writing flows and the ease at which to read it, becomes almost like you’re not reading at all. The story takes off on its own and the words spill across the page. I enjoyed the subject matter and to be honest, I thought the story was going to be fluffy and corny. I was nervous looking at the cover and I was hesitant picking this novel up but I am glad that I did. Mom was a bit over the top, her tactics were extreme but nothing more than someone who fears for another health concern that hits the air waves. I really enjoyed reading about Audrey; her character sealed the book for me.