— feeling confused
Inexcusable - Chris Lynch

I’m finding it hard to collect my thoughts on this novel. After I finished reading it, my first thought was that the novel was different, as the events that occurred, all seemed to be implied. I never really felt like I had a firm grip on what actually transpired in the novel. I was piecing the events together from reactions and comments made by the characters. I felt muddled. Keir, now he was an interesting guy. I believe that I lived across the street from a boy like him growing up. We only played with him if we needed another person or he came and found us as we always had to do things his way. Keir believed that once he had the image of “being good”, he was excusable for just about anything that he did. For now he was now a force to be reckoned with. The questionable hit that he made during the football game is now under review yet Keir knows it’s not his fault and while others contemplate his actions, he knows he did no wrong. It’s this cockiness and high self-image that starts to creep into the novel and I am reminded of the saying my grandma used to say, “He’s getting too big for his britches.” There are always too sides to every story and there are a few stories that need addressing in Inexcusable. Someone’s image shouldn’t make their story more creditable but to some individuals they don’t see it that way. The novel is composed with short sentences which makes a point. The story is rigid and sharp, keeping you in a rhythm as you read.   I was not in love with it, just touching on the edge of like.