Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid - Cecilia Galante

Whose spirit was it? Was it grandmas or someone else’s, because if it was grandmas, she sure was a wicked woman? I loved the cover of this novel and that is why I grabbed it while volunteering one Friday morning at the library. There was some creepiness inside the pages but not what I was initially hoping for, I wanted more! I wanted more horror and less drama, hold off on the drama people and give me the willies, the OMG, I can’t read the words on this page fast enough willies. There were times when the character Cassie was talking about her experience in the closet and it was intense. Marin was listening closely, not believing what he was hearing and I swear I was hovering over my Kindle like it was a bowl of Orange Leaf yogurt. There were times it reminded me of The Exorcist and those images floated into my mind, but hey, that’s okay, the author added her own twists and it was all good. What really grabbed me and made me ponder was the premise of the main character’s gift. Her gift was the ability to see pain/discomfort in others. She sees this in orbs/blots of color around people usually the area of their pain/discomfort. How amazing is that? She wears sunglasses most of the time as the colors can be overwhelming but imagine seeing people with orbs floating on them showing where their pains/discomforts are (tooth, cancer, stomachache, sprains, etc). I know it could be overwhelming to have such a gift but just this ability excites me. Anyway, the activity that happens in this book occurs in the closet. This closet only a select few individuals know about and now that the story has been told, something has to be done and done now! The real question is: can it be undone? I wish the story went deeper into the magical and immoral aspect of the story but the story became more dramatic with the characters lives. The characters had their own drama outside this malicious event and it slowed down the pace of the story, I wasn’t ready for that.