The Way To Stay in Destiny

— feeling sleepy
The Way to Stay in Destiny - Augusta Scattergood

I just didn’t feel it and by looking at the reviews, I am in the minority but I didn’t feel connected to anyone in this book. There just wasn’t enough energy in the story or in the characters to feel attached or committed to this story. There was the lost love, the new connections and the affection toward the piano but the story didn’t go too deep, it all laid on the surface and I wanted someone to deeply connect with Theo and take him under their wing and show him the love that he was missing. The love his grandparents had showered him with. I loved that Theo’s uncle left Canada to become his guardian when the grandparents could no longer care for him. Theo hasn’t had much contact with his uncle but yet he takes on this responsibility to help the family out. Moving to Florida, where the uncle has a new job lined up, the two of them try to make a go of it. The uncle has an attitude; he’s authoritative, bitter and direct whereas Theo is just a kid with questions who wants to be a kid. His uncle is all about work, being accountable while Theo maneuvers around him the best that he can. The rooming house where they are living has a piano, a piano his uncle tells him to stay away from. Baseball, another “no” from the uncle, the loves of Theo life are off-limits as they take up too much of Theo’s time, according to the uncle. Theo’s not buying this view, their world is too shallow for me and I want some conversation, something deep within their lives to occur. In the end, I was happy for the two of them, it worked for them and that is what will make the young reader happy.