A Police Mr. Big Sting Goes Wrong; True Story of Kyle Unger

Real Justice: A Police Mr. Big Sting Goes Wrong: The Story of Kyle Unger (Lorimer Real Justice) - Richard Brignall

The novel presented the case from all the angles: the victim, the bystanders and the accused, their stories were all laid out, presented in their true form. As I read, I could see how the story was swaying, the character’s histories were coming into play and my emotions were getting the best of me. Frequent breaks were needed if I were to finish this book because to me what was occurring was unjust, horrific and this book was making me furious. I used to work for attorneys here in the U.S. and since this book takes place in Canada it allows for the use of the Mr. Big Sting which was part of the reason of my irritation but from the beginning of the novel, I saw that there was going to be issues with this court case. This is a true story unfortunately and this novel affects many individuals, including the ones who were now reading it. It’s a two-day music festival which most of the teenagers in the surrounding area will attend. There will be many bands, lots of drinking and other activities young teens like to participate in. Kyle attends with John. Kyle has some issues with anger, he dropped out of school last year but he’s working in a nearby town. This is Brigitte’s first concert which she attends with her best friend. They meet up with classmates at the concert, many already drunk, and Kyle and John meet up with them too. Some issues occur between the students during the night but as the last band performs, Kyle tries to dance with Brigitte but she is already in the arms of Tim. What happens next is yours to decide as you have read through the novel and now know the story or you can listen to the jury/judge decide the fate of the accused as Brigitte’s scarred body was pulled out of the muddy creek bed. Everything points to Tim but sometimes it isn’t always black-n-white when you are working within the legal system. I was busting at the seams, screaming and pounding on the arms of my chair as I read, my frustration building page-by-page. It was an amazing read; it really got under my skin. It made me think about the Mr. Big Sting practice in Canada, is this a good practice or not? Does it sway the participants? Is there any other way to get results? And in this particular case, who got the closure they were looking for? I wish the cover was different on this book, I think more people would be more inclined to read it.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and James Lorimer & Company in exchange for an honest review.