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Trust No One

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Trust No One: A Thriller - Paul Cleave

Poor Jerry, did he do it or did his author self do it in the novels that he so accurately wrote for his readers? This unfortunate fellow gets himself confused between what is reality and what is fiction. Jerry is Henry Cutter, a famous crime writer who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. His wife Sandra and his daughter Eva have watched his health decline steady and now, his days are rapidly deteriorating. Informing the aid at the nursing home, Jerry is ready to confess to his crimes. But did those crimes really occur? Jerry suddenly believes he is wearing the masks of the killers of the realistic characters that he has created inside his criminal novels. It’s sad how both of Jerry’s worlds are colliding together. The names of the individuals sound familiar but because he knew them or because of something else, this disease is so frustrating and tiring. Jerry is loose with his tongue as this disease takes over his body and although I can’t help myself I have to laugh at Jerry and his offensive behavior, his forgetfulness and his attitude. He’s free of restraints and his words and actions just flow, they flow and flow and they never stop. I would hate to be on his bad side.   His neighbor seems to be a having a rough time since she had it out with Jerry yet Jerry doesn’t remember anything she wants to blame him for. When the police start to question Jerry about some murders that are occurring in his vicinity, Jerry is more confused than ever. Hans, his best friend steps in and tries to sort things out. Jerry’s Madness Journal, the journal which Jerry writes down his activities and thoughts in, comes up missing. The clock is ticking…..

I really enjoyed the character of Jerry. His confusion over the murders and his health issues made the book for me. I was laughing one minute with him and the next, my heart was breaking as his world crumbled around him as the disease took away the life he loved. The storyline was not fast moving but rather slow as I followed Jerry and his progression with his health and how that affected his world.   I was bothered by the conclusion and that is why it did not give a 5 star review. I felt that as things were wrapping up, Jerry’s disease took a back stage. It was like he was healed for that period of time and he was just Jerry, and that…I just couldn’t understand.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Atria Books in exchange for an honest review.