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Center of Gravity

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Center of Gravity - Laura McNeill

This novel was an intense emotional journey that I hadn’t anticipated. Digger deeper inside the novel, my anger and frustration levels skyrocketed and I had to walk away from the novel, yet my thoughts lingers on the characters and I had to step back inside the pages immediately as I was so deeply connected to their lives that I had to reconnect with them. So many lives were affected because of the actions of one. This family of four, the author tells us from the beginning was not perfect, the husband’s past is empty yet the wife accepts it and moves on. I despise the husband from the get-go and perhaps you might be accepting of someone who rides their wife or accuses their wife of everything from flirting, being irresponsible when he’s set her up to fail, to using the lines of “if you loved me you would….” but I see this as someone who is insecure. Ava finally has enough of Mitchell’s harping on her that she suggests that perhaps they might need some space. Faster than lightening, Mitchell has an overnight bag in his hand and he’s at the door, while his wife is contemplating what just came out of her mouth while puppy dog tears are coming out of her eyes. Eight-year old Jack has been hearing most of the fighting that has occurred between his father and stepmother and my heart just breaks for this child. If I could just reach right into the book, I would save him and his brother. His younger brother Sam doesn’t understand what is happening but Jack tries to shield him and that makes me love Jack even more. Just writing this review brings so many emotions to the surface pertaining to this novel, so many highs and lows. Ava is so naïve at the beginning when they split up and Mitchell is so devious and knows how to play the legal system that he makes Ava look incompetent and unfit. She’s finally smart enough to get a lawyer as Mitchell pumps up his deceitful activities and there is no going back as the story explodes. The children are in the middle and each party has their own way that they are treating them in this case. As Ava digs to find something to help her case, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough on my Kindle. My anger rising as the pages flew. The harshness, the coldness of what Mitchell was doing, what is his purpose in all of this? Definitely, this novel is a page turner! One I want to read again.

Thank you NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for sending me an ecopy of this novel, in exchange I provided an honest opinion of this novel.