Scar Girl

— feeling happy
Scar Girl - Len Vlahos

Everyone has a story and everyone wants to be a part of something. When I read Scar Girl, I felt this was the purpose of the whole novel. The whole band felt so alive when they were together in The Scar Boys: they just melted together, their instruments and their lives coming together and they felt whole.  But now in this sequel, things are changing and changing quickly. Ever since Johnny accident and he lost his leg, he is missing more than just his leg, a bigger part of him is gone and he is struggling to get it back. Even with Cheyenne back beside him, the connection is not all there either, you can feel it. Each of the band members comes to the table with ideas to make the band successful and some arrive with baggage, some so laden it hurts to carry it around. The room is electrified as they let themselves go just for those for few moments when nothing else matters but the sounds of their instruments coming together but when the lights go down and they disperse, reality is what they have to deal with. This band of disfigured, disabled kids is falling apart yet they are trying to convince themselves and the world that they are back. Where is this family of musicians that were once so united?

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and EgmontUSA in exchange for an honest opinion.