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The NIght We Said Yes

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The Night We Said Yes - Lauren Gibaldi

I am a control freak who likes to have fun but I was hesitate when I thought about having a night where I would have to say yes to everything that that someone proposes to me. I know for a fact that I’d really have to trust that person, be willing to let myself go for that evening and I know I’d be hoping that the evening would be a short one. The way this book alternated chapter titles of “now” and “then” helped streamed my reading and the author didn’t throw out too much information at one time, it was like looking at parallel universes and seeing the changes that had occurred over one year. Emotions are heavy, they can wear you down and these characters are proof of that. Matt shows up after abandoning their group and the emotions come flooding back. The teens want answers, they deserve answers, the first emotions that emerge are anger but they are also are elated that he has come back. It’s as though a piece of the puzzle has been found. It wasn’t the night that they said yes that sold me on this novel; it was their relationships and their commitment to each other. I also adored the night that Ella let her hair down, the night that she stepped up to the mic. That whole section sent me on a high. The way the author positioned me in the audience watching Ella, then later as I was with Ella on stage as she performed, I witnessed it all. I felt her freedom as she belted out the lyrics and allowed herself to feel the music and the rhythm, becoming part of the music herself. It reminded me of the times when I am all alone and one of my favorite songs comes on the radio. It is my time to the group’s leader singer, everyone has come to see me perform on stage and I am dancing and singing to my heart’s content. I am Ella. I love these lines, “I powered out the last lines, giving them to the crowd. As I knew the last lyrics were coming, I finally brought myself back to the stage, back to myself.” She had lost herself and she loved it. This was not the Ella who walked onto the stage a few minutes ago, she discovered someone while she was up there. She had “crashed back into reality,” but just for those few moments she knew what it felt like to be free, to just feel and to enjoy the moment.

The characters in the novel had a great friendship, their past was filled with many great memories but their future remains an unmarked path. Their destiny is unknown; it’s an unmarked territory with unlimited possibilities.