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Nothing Left To Burn

Nothing Left to Burn - Patty Blount

He was never good enough, even at a young age and now, instead of just walking away, he needs to prove something, he needs to make a point and then he can walk away.   When is enough, enough though? With his brother gone, his father moved out and his mother devastated, Reece decides he needs to get in his father’s face. Yeah, that always works. I just didn’t understand how this was going to play out and as the book progressed, this situation escalated. His father treated him horribly and I was getting agitated over the whole relationship. It began when Reece decided to join the fire junior squad where his father is the boss.   Amanda, another junior squad member, walks into the picture and things started to change with Reece but the father-son clash does not let up.   Reece should be taking lessons from Amanda as this girl has some gusto and she is not afraid to unleash her words when she sees unjust behavior and remarks being made to other squad members as his father constantly batters Reece. Reece wants to confront his father but he hesitates for there’s something that he’s hiding and I’m dying to know what this is. I’m getting tired of this relentless behavior coming from Reece’s father.  Amanda and Reece take it slow and Reece tells us about his brother, the guilt and remorse weighing heavily on him. As Reece tells us about his father, I was annoyed at his father’s behavior and the excuses that he supplied for Reece. The beginning of the book gives the reader a lot of educational information about firefighting and Reece’s family relationships. The action in the book takes place in the second half as the junior squad becomes more than just Reece’s teammates as Reece reaches out to them.  It got my emotions stirred up.

I received a copy of the novel from NetGalley and Sourcebook Fire in exchange for an honest opinion.