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I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke

Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke - Anne Blankman

Oh, the things we do for love. Gretchen doesn’t think twice when she decides to return to Germany to help Daniel who has suddenly returned there to seek out the individuals’ responsibility for his cousin’s death. She was ready to put Germany behind her and move forward in her life but this sudden turn of events has everything she hoped for on pause, for now.   This twist wouldn’t be so dramatic if: it wasn’t March of 1933, if Hitler wasn’t trying to gain power, if Gretchen wasn’t Hitler’s former pet and she hadn’t just escaped from under his strict restraints, if Gretchen’s face wasn’t publicly known and if Hitler rise to power wasn’t causing havoc among the citizens right now. It’s not long before the two are united and Daniel informs Gretchen about his cousin. Things are never simple as word gets out the Daniel is back and he’s blamed for a murder. Being a reporter, Daniel wants to investigate the murder so he can clear his name. Traveling together, the book picks up speed and there’s talk of the Ringvereine, the Enabling Act and the National Socialists. It is believed by some, that the National Socialists are causing chaos and blaming or planting evidence on other individuals/groups to help their cause. The Ringvereine, they reminded me of a band of people who come together to stop corrupt activities. Not all they do is legal but they have a common enemy and they are a united group. The time table in this book is the Enabling Act, as Daniel and Gretchen want to get their tasks completed before this Act becomes a reality. This is the second book in the series and I thought the first book was much better. The first half of this book did not capture my attention and I really had a hard time staying awake reading it. There seemed to be a lot of words without a lot of action or adventure being played out. In the second half of the book, the main characters took a more active role and their journey had more to offer than what I struggled with in the beginning of the novel.