Cuckoo Song

— feeling surprised
Cuckoo Song - Frances Hardinge

“The Shrike was feeding the stolen vine back through her torn side, and she could feel it moving amid her vitals like a dry snake.”

This book was so unmistakably good: I cannot possibly tell you how I feel about what I have just experienced. The author’s rich language transported me into a different reality, one in which I have yet to partake in. A world filled with characters that yearned to be part of this world, characters that I have never even dreamed possible and a plot filled with many different angles and venues that made this novel go too quickly. Letting go of my perception, I was taken on an imaginary ride, one that gripped my emotions and had me chanting at the characters as I jaunted along with them on their adventure. I never thought by looking at the illustrated cover that this would be the journey I would be embarking upon. Trying to walk away from this book was pointless, as I thought about The Architect, Triss, Penn and Trista even though my eyes weren’t scanning the pages. What mysteries does the Glimmer hold as Triss emerges from it?   Triss claims that she just walked out of the water but her sister Penn knows more of what occurred in those moments and she is not talking. Strange things begin to happen in Triss’ world and I had to reread portions of the book as Triss first begins to see mannequin’s heads move. It doesn’t stop there as her beloved doll then stabs her and suddenly Triss’ appetite takes a sudden turn. She suddenly starts to gorge herself on strange objects and begins to stuff herself where she can’t get enough to eat. This girl Triss can eat, I mean eat!! The story’s pace intensifies and I would love to tell you more as it is a fantastic novel but you really should read it to experience it for yourself. I didn’t feel the novel was scary; more of a great fantasy with lots of storylines and intriguing characters. Great imagination and I really need to stop talking about or I will definitely give the novel away. It really is something amazing and definitely a reread for me.