Extraordinary Means

Extraordinary Means - Robyn Schneider

So you’re sick, let’s send you away so we don’t have to deal with you. That is how I felt about the characters in this book. Ok, I know that’s a little cold but it’s not the 1700’s and when they placed the characters in a sanatorium because they have tuberculosis, it just sounds a bit harsh to me. Latham House, a house for patients who perhaps might spend the rest of their lives within its walls just waiting for a cure. Sadie has been a residence for a while before Lane arrives but they have known each other long before they were patients at the Latham House.   Sadie is holding a grudge against Lane from an incident when they thirteen-years old. It isn’t long though before the two of them are friends again and the past is behind them. Lane’s has always had a structured world, working hard and achieving goals, but Sadie is trying to convince Lane that he is missing out on life and that he could still achieve his goals just get them differently, enjoying the journey, having fun in the process. They are to follow a routine at Latham House but for a group of teens being stuck behind these walls gets to be too much and they have to break a few rules just to have a bit of fun.

It wasn’t a complex story; I felt no deep connection to any of the characters as they filled out the storyline. The emotions were there but my heart wasn’t in it.   It just wasn’t the story for me.