Serafina and the Black Cloak

Serafina and the Black Cloak - Robert Beatty

She’s a C.R.C. and she’s very proud of it. While the rest of the house is asleep, she creeps quietly among the halls listening and watching, for she’s waiting for the exact moment to pounce. Firming holding onto their backs, avoiding their sharp teeth and whipping tails, she waits patiently for them to calm down, so she can finish her job. Serafina is Biltmore’s Chief Rat Catcher, where she lives with her father in the basement, the two of them hiding among the pipes, hidden to others. She’s been told to stay invisible to the family and guests of the estate yet the huge manor is so tempting to this young child that she soon finds a friend in Braeden. He soon becomes her confidant when young children start to disappear in the manor and Serafina feels she knows something about the case.   I really enjoyed this story, as it has a wonderful storyline with great adventures and fantastic characters. I loved the relationships in the book, Serafina and her father and Serafina and Braeden. The honesty and respect they have for each other shows in their actions and in their words. As the book progressed, I couldn’t get enough of Serafina’s journey, it became one of my hairdryer novels. Towards the end, I found myself yelling at Serafina, her actions frustrating yet compelling for a young girl like her, someone who is young and curious. I love it when a novel affects me this way.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Disney Book Group in exchange for an honest review.