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Polarity In Motion

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Polarity in Motion - Brenda Vicars

She’s innocent, or at least she claims to be. The photo says another story and a picture is worth a thousand words. Polarity swears she knows nothing about the photo and her parents are not buying her story. Her mother feels that this issue is causing the family hardships and her father, a person not so vocal, lets his silence speak volumes. Polarity thinks it’s one of her peers who planted the nude photo of her on the internet, ruining her life but who would do such a thing and why, those are the questions she needs to get answered. Ethan comes to her rescue, the silent boy who normally keeps to himself, suddenly steps forward and vows to find the culprit. So many lives are affected by this photo that has suddenly went viral at Polarity’s school, as she is moved around to find a place suitable for her as the matter escalates. My heart was breaking for Polarity as her personal space was invaded. How someone can think that doing such an act is entertaining and enjoyable, is really beyond me. The way the individuals around her reacted to the photo, unleashed a flood of emotions from me. The relationship with Polarity and Ethan, this was a great bonus that I thoroughly enjoyed. This interracial friendship started off from nothing, struggled throughout the book and ended better than I expected. There were lots of different issues to follow while reading this novel, almost too many to address in one novel. The author could have left a few of these issues out and the novel would have been just as good, perhaps even better.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Good Tales Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.