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Mystery In The Frozen Lands

Mystery in the Frozen Lands (Adventures in Canadian History) - Martyn Godfrey

It’s 80 degrees outside and I’m huddled up on the couch with my blanket as Peter and the crew fights off the fierce sea and the ice on the Arctic. The eight-foot swells toss the ship, the ice scraping the hull, the image sending chills down my body. The year is 1857 and they are the fortieth expedition searching for the fate of John Franklin’s 1845 expedition. Franklin’s voyage was to search for the passage through the Arctic Ocean in the extreme northern part of the world. Had he been successful, the pride and honor for himself and his country would have been great but he failed to return from his journey. Now after many unsuccessful attempts twelve years later, his wife is financing this trip where his nephew Peter will be the ship boy, a labor intensive job. His uncle was a famous British explorer; he knew the route and conditions he was facing having traveled there before, so what happened and where was John, his crew and the ships they were sailing on? Setting off now, this capable staff was ready for the task at hand. Previous rescue groups had met Inuits and they carried with them relics that belong to John and his crew but how could that be and how did they inquire them, those are the questions Peter and his crew wanted answered. The conditions they were facing were harsh and their journey was tiring yet adventurous. I, myself don’t know if I could have endured just extreme conditions. To be stuck out in the ice for weeks, just stuck, like a sitting duck just waiting for the weather to do its thing, I don’t if I am that patient. Peter, this trip was more than he signed up for. The crew took him under their wings as he was the youngest member of the crew and he wanted to be included in everything. Peter’s position of the ship boy was more work than I believe he imaged it could be. The adventure on the open sea was only part of the excitement of their travels as the group split up and set out on foot to search for relics from Franklin’s expedition and to see if they could encounter the Inuits, the story spreading out onto the pages. It was a wonderful adventure, a story that took me back to the times when we relied more on each other, when technology didn’t rule the world and I really enjoyed myself.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.