Fight Back

Fight Back - Brent R. Sherrard

I enjoy reading these Sidestreets novels. The authors don’t waste any time getting the reader engrossed in their stories and these stories are engaging and adventurous. There is just enough details to get to know the characters and these characters are individuals that teens can relate to on their level. In Fight Back, Tyler’s life has been nothing but heartaches. At age eleven, his mother left while he was attending school, taking his younger sister with her, leaving him with his abusive, alcoholic father. Tyler’s body was his father’s punching bag. Knowing he had had enough, Tyler finally allows the authorities to know that his bruises were from his father and he gets taken into protective custody. His persona and behavior has already been molded so adjusting to something different, well…. let’s just say it is going to be difficult to change this teen. Immediately upon sizing up his new surrounding, Tyler fists are up, he’s cast his place with her new peers and it looks as if the apple has not fallen far from the tree. Uprooted and placed with the Conway’s now, Tyler is not used to the freedom and respect he is now receiving. Wayne, a former boxer, shows Tyler that the sport is more about confidence and self-respect and not power and anger. His wife’s tenderness and concern for Tyler shows him that he is worthy of these feelings. It’s a great story about overcoming your obstacles and trying to provoke change. As Tyler finds out change is difficult and although the story is short and its pace is speedy, the author shows us that there are many components to the notion of change.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and James Lorimer & Company Ltd, Publishing in exchange for an honest review.