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I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

This World We Live In

This World We Live In - Susan Beth Pfeffer

I guess perhaps I should have read/listened to the first 2 books in the series before listening to this book but I didn’t. I thought the book sounded interesting but I really wasn’t that impressed. Again, perhaps if I had read the first books in the series, I might be more vested in the characters but I did try my best to engage in the story and the characters but in reality, I thought nothing actually happened during the whole story. I know that sounds horrible and I realize something did actually occur or I would not have listened to 6 CD’s in my car but I felt that it could have all been condensed to perhaps one CD.
The author did a wonderful job setting the story up for those who didn’t read couple books. The characters are feeling the aftereffects of a major catastrophe as the moon was hit by a meteor and the world as we know it, no longer exists. Everyone is in survival mood, living off what they can find, scrambling to find anything. Rain, electricity and gas are hot commodities. Miranda is the main character and she got on my nerves immediately with her attitude, her moods constantly changing. When her father arrives with his wife and baby, this creates mixed emotions in the household. With limited resources stretched thin already, the family is excited about the new faces and new opportunities but now there are more mouths to feed. Miranda feels she is in love with Alex, a new individual who has arrived and as the outlook on the world looks dimmer, she feels this is her last opportunity at love. It’s now or never and it’s this attitude, her emotions and the other characters in her world that have me shaking my head. Go girl…..do whatever you want….act and then think later…..it’s this mentality that makes me like the other characters more.