Trash - Andy Mulligan

Raphael is a dump site boy, rummaging through garbage looking for anything to savage, something to make a buck on or something to take home and use. Call him a Rubbish Boy living in Rubbish Town, it don’t matter, it is all the same for Raphael has been doing it since he was three, and now eight years later, he is really good at it. His partner is Gardo and on a good day, they can make 200 pesos and on a bad day, 50. It is not only these two boys that are hitting the dump site each day, no, for there are many, many boys that do this to provide a living for their family. When Raphael stumbles upon a bag while working one day, his life is changed forever. Raphael knows immediately how important this bag is and the contents inside lead Raphael and Gardo on an adventure changing the lives of many in their community. As the police swarm the neighborhood, questioning the villagers, the community bounds together and writing shows the love and commitment the people have for one another. They may not have many possessions or food but they have each other and that speaks volumes when it comes to a community. Raphael and Gardo know they must enlist the help of Rat who can safeguard their newly found package until they can figure out the significance of its contents. As the contents of the bag are laid out, I am intrigued to discover whose bag the boys have their hands on and why it was discovered in the dump. With these three boys trying to piece this mystery together, and the police on the trail of the bag, I want to skip forward in the CD’s to the end to find how this story is going to end, but I know in doing so I will be missing so many important details that I must be patient, something I am not good at sometimes. This story shows the bond the boys have and the love they have for their people, it’s a race against time and against the authorities who think they can control others based on their position.

I don’t know why I checked this audio book out at the library. This is the first audio that I have listened to that had a full cast of readers. Having a full cast of readers was different, as each character was read by a different voice which I didn’t realize made any difference to me but after having listened to this novel, I think this book had more depth because of it. I felt more energy, more personalization and emotions by the characters. It was a good change of pace.