The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things

The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things - Ann Aguirre

She’s thoughtful, her eyes observing the world around her, watching for those who are treated unfairly. Leaving post-its every day for individuals who need a pick-up, this random simple gesture reveals so much about the character of Sage. She’s caring, she likes to fix things and make things better for others. But deep inside, she is the one who is hiding behind a deep secret that she would rather bury than have anyone discover. Passing around happy words of encouragement, it’s as though she’s trying to remind herself that it is possible to have this type of outcome. She doesn’t except anything in return for her actions: not a friendship to emerge or a thank you, it’s just what she does. When a new face shows up at school, Sage’s has a new mission. Shane just wants to be left alone for he has something he would rather not have anyone know about but Sage, she sees something in him. She wants to help him, for that is what she is good at but Shane doesn’t want that, he doesn’t want to become a “case”, someone for her to fix. I could relate to Sage and her tendency to jump in and “help.” There is a fine line between helping and being there for others. You can’t control others but offering to help is an option which Sage needed to understand. I really was excited to read this novel and was hoping for a fantastic read. I think the relationship with Sage and Shane was great, but the other issues that were occurring were just alright.