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Charlie, Presumed Dead

Charlie, Presumed Dead - Anne Heltzel

She attended it alone, knowing no one. It was her boyfriend of one year who was now gone. She found it now startling that she knew no one at this event, this closure of this life. She sat and watched as the attractive, young woman stepped up to the podium and her lips parted, she was not ready for what transpired. There were two of them, two women that belonged to Charlie, two women that claimed to be his girlfriend. She was the supposedly known as the good family friend and this woman at the podium, she knew nothing about. Instantly, both of their lives were shattered as they started to share their stories. Lena wanted more for she wanted to know the details behind Charlie’s lies but Audrey wanted to put it all behind her and move on but it is never that easy as in the back of their minds, something was haunting them both. The beginning of this novel was fantastic and I was immediately drawn in, I wanted to know more about the dramatics of these women and why Charlie would drag these women into his life. Audrey and Lena started to question whether Charlie was actually dead and I wonder myself why he would lead these women down this road and then end his life. As I read further, the novel started to lose its flair. The story swayed and lost its focus at times and I had a hard time staying committed to it. I really thought it would have been a great novel had it stayed its course but it just wasn’t a great book for me.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and HMH Books for Young Readers in exchange for an honest review.