Listen, Slowly .... my dilemma

Listen, Slowly - Thanhha Lai

I had to run into town today for an appointment and I only had 15 pages of this fabulous story to finish.  I was facing a big dilemma in my book I quickly finish and put to rest this wonderful journey, controlling my emotions as I drive into town or do I wait to finish this novel later and savor the moment for I knew these 15 pages were going to be beyond words.  My friends, it was a hard decision. 


After contemplating, I decided to wait to finish the novel.  The hairs on my arms were already standing on end and I knew that by reading the rest of this novel, I would be an emotional wreck so now, I am not ready to say goodbye and read the final pages. I know it will be bittersweet as I have grow attached to these characters.  Although Ba doesn't say much, closing this chapter of her life will really hit me hard.  Ba listens as her husband's journey is played out to her, huddled between her son and granddaughter, the words spoken to her about a part of his life that she was not a part of.  Perhaps later, I will be ready to finish this journey with her.