The Boy Who Dared

The Boy Who Dared - Susan Campbell Bartoletti

I listened to this novel and I was taken back to the innocence that was swept away so suddenly and so fierce from the individuals who had to walked the streets during this time. These individuals believed so heartedly that their new ruler was the answer and having read many stories about this time period, this novel hit something within me. It awakens me. I feel it was the way the novel was told and the way the David Ackroyd spoke the words, his voice shouting and calling out the news that was spreading throughout the land. This new ruler who was coming into power, the citizens their mixed reactions, the families split even before the ruler started to lay down the law. The author tries to use as much factual information as possible which helps to make this novel an emotional read. This was a powerful novel to listen to and I highly recommend it although there were times, I had to stop and pull off the road so I could write down some memorable moments, ones that stood out to me.   Such wretched things about this time period but hearing them from the Ackroyd’s dramatic and powerful voice moved me.   Some are familiar and some are not:

  • How they compared the rounding up of the Jews to the Americans rounding up the Indians on the American soil.
  • A favorite game: Capture the Jew
  • The main character believes that Hitler is going to help the people but later his mind is changed. He is pleased with what he has accomplished in life and in the end, he fought for the truth. He was a courageous individual who should be proud of his life. Reading the text, I cared deeply for him.
  • “People cannot judge. They don’t know how the Gestapo were to get information out of you.”